Take the Mystery Out of Homebuilding

Buying and building a new home can seem daunting. Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions to help ease your mind.

Just click on a specific question to see the answer. And, of course, if you still have further questions, our New Home Specialist is here to help you along the way.

Can I Change Selections I’ve Already Made?

No. Once selections are made and the related change order is signed, they cannot be changed. After change orders are signed and processed, work orders are sent to all relevant suppliers and trade partners, and they in turn purchase materials and add the changes to their schedule. Subsequent revisions increase the likelihood of errors and introduce conflicting work orders. To avoid costly mistakes or compromise the quality of your home and the timeline in which it is being built, we disallow further changes after they have been selected.

Can I Change The Floorplans?

No, the plans and specifications for your home must be reviewed and approved by the building department of the city or county where the home is located. We construct each home to comply with plans and specifications approved by the applicable building department.

Can I Customize My Wonderland Home?

Wonderland Homes provides you with a variety of options, upgrades and designer choices. Typically, we do not offer the options to customize a home completely, but are flexible if our customers have circumstances where it is necessary to make modifications to better fit their lifestyle.  Schedule time to make your selections as soon as possible; your contract specifies the dates by which those selections must be completed.