Why Buy New?

Top Reasons to Buy a New Construction Home

New Brightland Home
Typical Resale Home
New Home Warranty

New Home

  • Since everything is new you do not need to spend any money on replacing/fixing anything

  • Your home plus appliances, windows, HVAC unit, and more come with warranties, so you do not need to spend any money on repairs

Resale Home

  • The equipment that comes with a resale home may be close to needing to be replaced which is expensive:

  • Flooring: could be up to $25,000 depending on what flooring you choose and how much you are replacing

  • Kitchen remodel: $25,000 - $75,000

  • The home may have maintenance, foundation or cosmetic problems that you don’t initially notice

New Home Value

New Home

  • Resale value of new homes is typically higher than used and can offer peace of mind regarding your investment.

Resale Home

  • As used homes age, they become more outdated and less desirable for resale.

Energy Savings

New Home

  • New HVAC and appliances use less energy, Low E3 windows insulate your home properly.

  • Walls, roof, and floors are properly insulated which means you use less energy on heating and cooling your home

  • All of this means lower utility bills and less electricity use

Resale Home

  • Adding double-paned windows, new HVAC and appliances will improve the energy efficiency in an older home, but it is very costly

  • You may not be able to do some of the things that you want because the design of the home prevents you from doing so

  • Often built to lower energy-efficient standards

Functional Floor Plans

New Home

  • Decide on open kitchen and living room concepts that are perfect for entertaining and enjoying time with family and friends

  • Offer the most current and contemporary finishes and options

Resale Home

  • Changing the layout by knocking down or adding walls is expensive and can be limited as some walls may be load-bearing

  • Outdated plans, smaller closets, dated finishes, old appliances

Move-in Ready

New Home

  • We offer Move-in Ready Homes which means you can move in quickly and can move in on your time frame

  • If you chose a to-be-built home, your sales and construction team will keep you updated on time frames and can even assist you in selling your previous home

Resale Home

  • Your move in-time is based on the seller and can change if the seller changes their mind


New Home

  • You get to decide on your own cabinets, countertops, paint colors, flooring, fixtures, and more

  • Floor plan options give you layout choices, so you can choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of your patio, whether to add a fireplace or study and so much more

Resale Home

  • Why should you settle on someone else’s choices when you can create your home that reflects your style?

  • If you don’t find the layout that works best for you, adding rooms and extras involves messy construction and costs quickly add up


New Home

  • We offer financing options and expert advice. We can assist you through every step of the way and answer questions regarding down payment, loan fees, interest rates or closing costs.

Resale Home

  • When buying a used home, you need to find your own financing or lender.

Community Amenities

New Home

  • Most of our communities offer one of the following:

  • Community centers

  • Pools/Splash Pads

  • Clubhouses

  • Hiking and biking trails

Resale Home

  • Older homes typically have limited amenities and those amenities can be dated

New Homes Win!

The differences between a new Brightland Home and a typical used house are clear!

Save More Money

With a new construction home, you don't have to choose between performance and affordability - you get both and you get to save an extra $2,000 a year or more! The extra money you will save on energy costs with a new Brightland Home can be put toward many other uses. In fact, the money you'll save on energy can help you personalize your home, just the way you want.

Even more amazing are the monthly savings you will get from our Energy Smart Homes, that you won't get with a used house.

A Trustworthy Reputation

Brightland Homes strives to build the highest quality homes and help homebuyers achieve the dream of home ownership. With new home communities in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Phoenix, it's easy to see why homebuyers choose a new home from Brightland Homes rather than a typical used house.