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Every Gehan Home includes an array of ENERGY SMART features that work together to use less energy, reduce water consumption and save you money. We employ the latest technologies to make your home and our world a better place.

Home energy rating system

Lower HERS® Ratings Equal Less Energy Used & More Money Saved!

Energy-Efficient Windows

Keep the heat out in the summer and warm air in during the winter.

Water-conserving Fixtures

Help reduce water consumption while still maintaining performance.

Programmable Thermostat

Help lower energy costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

LED Light Bulbs

Are cooler and use less energy than incandescent light bulbs.

BLOWN-IN ATTIC INSULATION helps maintain control of indoor temperature and is installed around beams, resulting in a more tightly sealed home and improved HVAC performance.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS WITH LOW E3 GLAZING block radiant heat from the sun and UV rays. These windows are specifically designed to reject the sun’s heat without affecting the view. They keep heat out in the summer and warm air in during the winter.

ENERGY STAR® RATED OR QUALIFIED DISHWASHER saves up to three gallons of water per load and uses up to 50% less energy.

ENERGY-EFFICIENT WATER HEATER uses less energy than standard models, saving money on your utility bills.

ENGINEERED ATTIC AIRFLOW VENTILATION precisely vents the attic and removes moisture. This removes heated air in the summer and keeps attic air at the proper temperature during winter.

WATER-CONSERVING FIXTURES reduce water consumption by 30% or more. Toilets, shower heads and faucets use less water while still maintaining performance.

COMPACT LED LIGHT BULBS use up to 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs.

THIRD-PARTY INSPECTIONS by an outside inspection firm ensures that your home meets all quality and energy-efficiency standards.

TIGHTLY SEALED AIR DUCTS  direct air to where it’s needed, making heating and cooling more efficient.

LOW VOC PRODUCTS IN PAINT, WOODWORK AND CARPET emit low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which helps to maintain good indoor air quality.

ENGINEERED WOOD COMPONENTS are used in floor systems. These products are sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT allows you to control the amount of energy you use based on your family’s lifestyle and helps lower your energy costs.